Warranty Policy

  Jack Telecom respects customers privacy, and make it a strict policy to protect your personal information. Please   note this privacy policy only applies to the website but not necessarily the offline collection of your information.
1 .      Please test the items before selling or installing. We are not responsible for defect items that are seriously installed.
2 .      Please well pack the items before sending back. Please ensure each item carries our stamp.
3.       Please don’t remove our stamp. If you get items without our stamp, please take pictures and let us know.
4.       We can exchange the items with touch issue, pixel issue, static issue, backlight issue or frame issue.
5.       We can’t exchange cracked LCD. If you find cracked LCD when opening the package, please take pictures and let us know.
6.     We can’t exchange broken LCD/flex, black LCD or white LCD because of improper installation. If you met these issues, please take videos and pictures for us to check more details.
7.       Buyers afford return shipping cost and we afford resend shipping cost.
8.    Warranty is 180 days from the date of order to the date of return. Items can’t be exchanged if they are out of 180 days warranty. 
9.       Please confirm the shipping address and commercial value with us. Packing list and tracking number are needed after shipment. We are not responsible for missing packages without tracking number.

Return address

Return address:

Sheung Shui New Territories, Hongkong
Phone number: +86 755 8887 7315
Email: support@jacktelecom.com  

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